Sustainable & Healthy

Consortium Project:

ERA-Net SUSFOOD (Sustainable Food Consumption and Production) 7th Framework Programme NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development) Nr 5/SH/SUSFOOD1/2014, 2014 – 2017


Project Title:

Development of sustainable processing technologies for converting by-products into healthy, added value ingredients and food products



Project manager in Poland:

Dr hab. Hanna Kowalska
Department of Food Engineering and Process Management,
Faculty of Food Sciences,
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW)
Nowoursynowska 159C, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland


Projects Tasks in Poland:

o   Produce added value dried fruits of premium quality using osmotic dehydration with bioactive extracts

o   Determine mass transfer during osmotic drying for sugar content and bioactive components

o   Achieve ambient storage stability for the dehydrated fruits using convective, lyophilisation, microwavevacuum or microwaveconvective post-drying



Project Coordinator:

Prof. Lilia Ahrné
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Food and Bioscience






Project Partners:


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Food and Bioscience

Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)

Warsaw University of Life Science (Poland)

Faculty of Food Sciences

Technische Universität Berlin



Kontakt/Contact details:


Lilia Ahrné  

Marcus Petermann

Hanna Kowalska  

Cornelia Rauh

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